Carbonylation Reactions
Carbonylation Reactions
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Scientific specialization:Organometallic Chemistry
Type:Learning Object
Production date:2011-08-03
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الفرقة الرابعة كيمياء 


1) Define the carbonylation Reactions.

2) Delimit the role of the cobalt system in some catalyst reactions.

3) Demarcate the synthesis of dinitrogen cimplexes.

4) Explain the general chemical properties of Dinitrogen Complexes.

5) Mention the Importance of Dinitrogen Complexes.


The role oforganotransition metal complexes in some catalyticreactions and its uses for the conversion ofunsaturated hydrocarbons into polymers, alcohols,ketones, carboxylic acids and the like, has generatedan extensive patent.also the synthesis properties andimportance of dinitrogen complexes .

Keywords:Catalytic reactions , polymers dinitregen complexes.
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The students studies and understod the importance and the role of the organotrausithion metal complexes as a goodcatalysts in industry.

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Author Name:aswan_dr_fatma
University:Aswan University
Collage:Faculty of Science - كلية العلوم
Department: chemistry - العلوم الكيميائية