Diffusion in Solids
Diffusion in Solids
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Scientific specialization:physics
Slides Count :46
Production date:2016-01-01
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3nd year students, physics student,  faculty of science


Give students information about diffusion mechanisms in solids and applications 


A Power Point presentation  presents a simple introduction to Diffusion in solid and the different mathematical  models corresponding to this subject.


Keywords:Diffusion; Fick’s Laws
Added Value:

Give the basic  knowledge on the diffusion mechanisms of diffusion in solids and  the importance of diffusion in industrial and technological applications through many examples.  

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Author Name:Nasser Abdu Abdul-Razk El-Ghamaz
Degree:Assistant professor
University:Damitta university
Collage:Faculty of Dentistry - كلية طب الفم والاسنان
Department:physics - العلوم الفيزيائيه