Dioxygen Complexes
Dioxygen Complexes
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Scientific specialization:Oranometallic chemistry
Type:Learning Object
Production date:2011-08-03
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الفرقة الرابعة كيمياء


1) Mention the carbene complexes.

2) Identify the dioxygen complexes.

3) Explain the reactions of dioxygen complexes.


It has been recognized that Many ofthe reaction do not involve carbon-T.M bonds suchas, dioxygen and carbine complexes, but they arenonetheless of considerable concern toorganometallic chemists because of their potentialapplications.

Keywords:Dioxygen compounds, carbine complexes
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Students recognized that many of reaction do not involve carbon transition metal bonds such as dioxygen and carbine complexes.

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Author Name:aswan_dr_fatma
University:Aswan University
Collage:Faculty of Science - كلية العلوم
Department: chemistry - العلوم الكيميائية