One-electron ligands
One-electron ligands
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Scientific specialization:Organometallic chemistry
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Production date:2011-08-03
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الفرقة الرابعة كيمياء


1) Mention the main classes of one-electron ligands.

2) Delimit the synthesis of one-electron ligand complexes.


This part Defins One-electron ligands such as alkynl , alryls or alkylegroups occupies essentially one co-ordinationposition on the metal and therefore has less influenceon the chemistry of complexes containing it.

Keywords:alkyl , aryl ,alkynyl
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The student studied one-electron ligands compounds and prove that this ligands has less influnrece on the chemistry of complexes containing it.

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Author Name:aswan_dr_fatma
University:Aswan University
Collage:Faculty of Science - كلية العلوم
Department: chemistry - العلوم الكيميائية