Protein Biology
Protein Biology
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Scientific specialization:Molecular Biology (1)
Production date:2024-01-08
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undergraduate students, 2nd level, Microbiology and Chemistry Program


understand nature of protein structure and function, importance of secondary structure in protein function and protein life cyce


protein is an essential macromolecule and responsible of function in organisms as well as importance for structural building of organism skeleton. Understanding protein structure and diverse functions is mandatory for understanding basics of central dogme of molecular biology

Keywords:protein, amino acids, secondary structure, genetic code
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Macromolecules visualization and understanding of basics of central dogma of molecular biology

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Author Name:Heba Talaat Mahmoud Ebeed
Degree:Assistant professor
University:Damitta university
Collage:Faculty of industrial education - كلية التعليم الصناعي
Department: chemistry and botany - الكيمياء والنبات