Summer training - BASICS OF MICROSCOPY
Summer training - BASICS OF MICROSCOPY
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Scientific specialization:Microbiology
Type:Video File
Minutes Count :33
Production date:2020-04-01
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Third year student


How to use different types of microscopes.

Manging samples calibration using ocular, stage micrometer and graticule (or reticle)


This workshop will cover :Definition of Microscopy, History of Microscopy, Types of Microscopes, Compound Microscope, Parts, How it works, How to set it up

Magnification, Basic care and maintenance, Slide preparation and Calibration

Keywords:Simple and compound microscopes, ocular, stage and graticule (or reticle) micrometer
Added Value:

                                                                                            Proficiency in measurement using microscope

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Author Name:El-Sayed Mohammad Mohammad El-Morsy
University:Damitta university
Collage:Faculty of Specific Education - كلية التربية النوعية
Department: chemistry and botany - الكيمياء والنبات